Advice In the Alcove (Assignment 4)

alcoveadviceThe assignment was to observe some interaction and turn it into a comic. This took place in a weird little alcove in the hall outside one of my classes. I took some liberties with the dialogue. I’m very happy with the central character (whom I named Maura), but the flow didn’t work out quite like I hoped. She did, in fact, demand her Star Wars. An interesting experiment.


MooseMares (Assignment 3)

moosemaresThe assignment was to pick an artist and create a comic in their style. I chose Jerry van Amerongen, creator of the single-panel observational comic The Neighborhood. I also chose a fun story from my childhood as the source material.

Originally, this was a 15-panel comic. Taking inspiration from van Amerongen, I distilled it down to four key beats. I think the result is much more powerful, and each panel works pretty well as a comic in its own right. This was my favorite of my four assignment results.